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Ted's Pet Clients:
This is Champ the hyperkinetic Jack Russell
Terrier. He goes round and round the house,
playing with his toys, barking at any outside
noise and especially if the neighbor's cats dare
cross the back yard. Eventually he gets tired
and willingly joins me for a scratch and a quick
snooze. A very neat little guy. No need to lock
the door at night!
I am trying to read and Sam the Maltese is trying
to get my attention. He likes to pretend he wants
you to take his bone and throw it for him but
runs off as you reach for it! Sam is very well
trained and when it's time to go to bed all you
have to do is say "bedtime Sam" and he runs
into his crate.
Lab Dog Boarding Palm Beach
Maggie is a sweet Golden Lab who really prefers the
car to a walk, especially if we go to the dog park. She
gets so excited when I turn onto the street the dog
park is on that she wants to get on my lap and take
over driving the car!
She would ignore the other dogs because chasing
the ball was her sole enjoyment in the park. After half
an hour she would be exhausted and couldn't run
anymore. But when it was time to go she never fussed
and willingly walked to the car.
Papillon Dog Sitter
Hi Celeste,
Papie is still more interested in what I am eating than his
own food, even his treats, you are right he is a
shameless beggar. The only other newsworthy item is my
lady friend came to visit yesterday afternoon. After she
sat down and fussed over Papie a bit he ran off and
returned with his Teddy Bear. He then dropped it in front
of her and proceeded to show her that he is still macho
man by furiously having his version of sex with the
hapless bear. I reminded him that the bedroom was the
appropriate place for that in polite society and removed
them both. Having lost his audience he then decided to
return and that he would accept my lap and have a nap.    
Ted and Papie
Ollie is a full size Mastiff who thinks he is a
lap dog when I sit down to watch the news.
He finally agrees to a compromise and
gets on the floor and I give him a foot rub.
He is very well mannered, a pleasure to
walk with, truly a noble dog!
Pet Resort Palm Beach
Sabrina is a spaniel with a quiet gentle
personality, who only got excited when I asked”
anybody here want to go for a walk”? She had
her favorite toy, her “lambie” that she would nap
on. Sabrina slept with me and was a bit of a bed
hog, right up beside me leaning on my chest.
Cage Free Dog Boarding Palm Beach
Papie the Ferocious Papillon having a staring
contest with my neighbor’s very brave cat.
It has been cold here (34 this morning) and Sam Woo
runs into his crate when I get his leash to go for a
walk, not his usual self.
He has been quite withdrawn until yesterday when
Linda came by to visit and he was so happy see her,
jumping on the chairs and barking.
I got her an Afghan as she felt cold (even with the
heat on) and she invited Sam to join her. He
accepted quickly and happily allowed himself to be
covered up and have a happy snooze.
Ted, Sam, and Linda
Westie Pet Sitter Palm Beach
Skyler is a pretty Westie who is such a well mannered little lady!
It is such a treat to have her visit as she is the perfect
companion. When I sit at the computer she quickly jumps up onto
the top of the couch beside me. This way she can snuggle into
the cushions and keep me in sight while still on guard for any
real or imagined threats. When she is assured that all is well, she
will catch a quick snooze until I move and then she is first to the
door in case it is time for another walk!
After our last walk, she is first on the bed and does not bother
me except to occasionally come over to nuzzle my hand for a
belly rub.


Thursdays they come to noisily mow the lawn and trim etc.
Skyler has reacted as if the crew were the first wave of Islamic
terrorists and probably a threat to Democracy as we know it. I
also suspect judging by the ferocity of her outrage she is
worried that they might possibly sabotage the future supply of
her dog food.
The threat has passed and she is exhausted and "out cold" on
the back of the sofa beside me.
Ted and Skyler

P.S. Her new motto should be " semper vigilans".
Yesterday a customer arrived to pick up her
poodle and asked if I would like to see the
dog's tricks. She proceeded to demonstrate
an impressive repertoire of roll over, high
fives etc. Bitsy watched all this with mild
interest and then gave her opinion of this
performance by peeing on the rug in front of
Ted and Bitsy
Palm Beach Gardens Dog Boarding
Duchess is one of my easiest guests, all she
asks for is peace and quiet and first call to
snooze on my lap. She knows where I am going
in the house and manages to get to that chair
first and waits for me (see the picture).  If I have
other dogs here and they come over and dare
question her lap seniority, they are growled off
in no uncertain terms!
Golden Retriever Boarding
Bubba is a senior Golden Retriever who visited
me from Missouri for a week. I took him as a rare
"blind date" on his owner's assurance that he was
a well behaved dog who would not give me any
trouble.  She was right, he settled right in as if this
was his second home and I was his best friend. We
had to walk a little less and slower as he has
arthritis.I took this picture when he signaled that
he needed a few minutes to rest. The week was
too short and I hated to see him go, and I hope I
see him again.